RHOBH: “I’m as well old for him as well as he’s as well old for me.”

now that the Brandi-versus-Adrienne kerfuffle seems to be a lot more or less resolved (for the show’s purposes, at least), what are we to make with genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills now? Bravo’s response to that seems to be, “Why, go to Paris, of course,” however it seemed to be an completely arbitrary decision on the part of the cast, based only on the truth that Yolanda was headed there as well as Lisa was going to be in St. Tropez, which is in the exact same country as Paris. So, you know, no genuine storyline there either.

To treatment that, producers have made a decision at this late date to try as well as persuade all of us that Taylor is an alcoholic instead of a lightweight with a great deal of issues who has a couple as well lots of glasses of white wine from čas od času. That’s the type of narrative arc that takes a lot more than an episode as well as a half to establish (as Bravo must well know, considering that it’s already done the Housewife-as-alcoholic thing on this exact same show), so I’ve got a proposition: Why don’t we just let Lisa take up the balance of the season by providing us excursions of her house, its grounds, as well as the houses of her friends? believe about it as well as get back to me, Bravo.

1. Kim as well as Kyle are just so concerned about Taylor. based on Taylor’s blog publish from last week, the whole running-off-to-Beaver Creek episode wasn’t almost as poor as it was edited to look, as well as Kyle understood extremely well that Taylor didn’t yet understand that she had taken Kennedy with her. Kyle never lets the facts get in the method of cam time, though, so she as well as Kim arranged an unscripted drive-by intervention for a issue that Taylor may or may not really have.

2. Lisa has swans. since of program she does. We were fools to believe she may not have swans.

3. based on the packing scene, Bravo may understand our feelings about Lisa’s closet. She might have pulled diaphanous floral maxi gowns as well as bright Burberry trenches out of her wardrobe for a full 44 minutes as well as I’d have been delighted as a bit jealous clam.

4. Bravo showed us two scenes of Taylor’s over-the-top drunkenness over two seasons to verify to us that she’s an alcoholic. based on that, we must most likely haul me off to the drunk storage tank too, as well as I don’t even have lawsuits as well as a youngster as well as a dead hubby to drink away. Kim’s worry did seem extremely authentic as well as emotional, while Kyle, on the other hand…well, she truly just sat there as well as admired her handywork. I’m ready to believe that Taylor utilizes alcohol as a crutch from time to time to take her mind off things, however I believe there’s a quite large space between her as well as Kim.

5. Yolanda as well as Mohamed divorced since he cheated. I believe all of us understood that, a lot more or less, however it was fascinating to hear Yolanda state it out loud. It provides context to Yolanda’s constant talk of exactly how to keep a guy interested – I’m sure that if you’ve been with that in the past, you want to feel like you’re doing whatever in your power, whether it’s really useful or not, to make sure it doesn’t ever occur to you again. Slowly, she’s growing on me.

6. “I’m as well old for him as well as he’s as well old for me.” She gets flustered as well as inarticulate when attacked, however Brandi is quite clever, you guys.

7. Ken has a 21-year-old grandkid. He had his kid from a previous marriage when he was 19 (or 21, depending who you ask), which type of blew me away. everybody in that specific scene looked rather well-preserved, especially Ken’s son. great aging denim in that family. Or a great plastic surgeon with a light touch. Nebo oboje.

8. enjoying Brandi unfold out of a cab was type of entertaining. My daddy when explained seeing Yao Ming prolong himself out of a taxi in Atlanta during the NBA All-Star game weekend, as well as I picture it looked something like Brandi getting out of the van. The legs, they just went on forever. everybody else was hopping down to the ground, she just stepped out. Brandi’s legs may be as long as my entire person.

9. When your stepson is rich, you get to go from St. Tropez to Paris in a helicopter. I would someday like to take a helicopter from new York City to the Hamptons, if only to ensure that if any individual ever asks me what the douchiest thing I’ve ever done is, I’ll understand ideal away.

10. Was Kim drunk? often it’s difficult to tell if Kim has perhaps fallen off the wagon; Sober Kim is still quite odd as well as doesn’t enunciate all that well, most likely since of her prescription anti-anxiety meds that I’m sure she’s still taking. We only saw a couple minutes of Kim acting flight, which is barely a record even post-rehab, as well as then 15 seconds of ominous, if vague, footage from the upcoming episode. We likewise saw Kyle look on in authenticŠok i zmatek, jak se Giggy objevil v hotelovém prostoru před Lisou a Ken, kteří byli jednoduše dole do haly a ne, řekněme, uvězněni ve studni s Giggy hrající roli Lassie, takže možná jet lag Pro prostě není přátelský k těm dívkám.

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