CC 140: The Secondhand shopper

In today’s installment of wardrobe Confessionals, we satisfy a wise shopper who these days shops strictly secondhand, which works well for this collector for a few reasons. A Hermès devotee, this purse enthusiast enjoys buying secondhand from an environmental as well as animal rights standpoint. Additionally, she’s not a fan of the game of the chase when it comes to bag-buying.

CC 140 began collecting bags at age 17 when she was provided a vintage Diorissimo bag, as well as it has been like at very first bag ever since! though she admits to being influenced by influencers at times, these days CC 140 buys what she wants when she wants it, as well as this year she’s hoping to broaden her H collection. checked out the full CC now, as well as don’t fail to remember to submit your own below!

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Age: 33
Gender Identity: Female
Location: Hong Kong SAR
Occupation: danger Manager
Industry: Banking & monetary Services
Salary: $120,000
Household Income: $420,000


Are you a PurseForum member? Ano

How many bags do you own? 11

What bags are in your collection? 11

Hermès Birkin 35

Hermès Birkin 30

Hermès Birkin 25

Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano shoulder Bag

Prada Re-Nylon medium Backpack

Prada Mistolino Drawstring container Pouch

Goyard St Louis carry PM

Christian Dior street trendy Columbus Avenue shoulder Bag

Balenciaga metallic edge traditional City

Vintage Cartier must de Cartier shoulder Bag

How much is your collection worth? $60,000

What is your most costly bag? Hermès Birkin 25

What are the most important brands or pieces in your collection? I’m an Hermès girl. I like all four of the Birkins I own!

What age did you get your very first designer bag, as well as what was it? I was 17 years old when I was very first provided a designer bag. It was a secondhand Dior Diorissimo street trendy Trotter shoulder Bag that my mum bought from a vintage store.

Is there a specific bag you are looking to purchase next? I’d like to add a Kelly as well as a Constance to my Hermès collection. other than Hermès, I am planning to add one more carry bag for work/gym since I have been loving my Goyard St Louis carry bag so much. I’m eyeing a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM as my next purchase.

Any specific bag that holds a special emotional value? I keep a quite tight collection, so each bag has a emotional value. If I had to select one that’s the most sentimental, it would have to be my Birkin 35 in Gold. I had been suffering from an Hermès fever for a couple of years before turning 30, as well as I decided to just go for it in the end, as well as it felt victorious.

Do you feel like your bags modification people’s perceptions of you or exactly how you’re treated? Ano, někdy. I online in a city where quite much every woman walking down the street is bring a designer brand bag, so I feel there’s inevitable judgment (both great as well as bad) depending upon what you carry.

Have your bag-carrying habits altered since Covid? No, Covid hasn’t altered my bag-carrying habits however joining a fitness center definitely has. I utilized to try to match my handbag to the attire of the day, however nowadays, it’s all about which class I’m going to go to after work. So when I lastly went back to the office to work after 1.5 years of working from home, I bought a carry as well as a backpack to bring whatever I need.


How commonly do you buy new bags? 2-3 times a year? To be honest, I don’t truly buy bags periodically. I buy them when there is a great offer or when I have a need.

Has the Coronavirus pandemic altered your buying habits or general mindset towards luxury? Yes, I did feel a bit unfortunate when I was looking at my bags just collecting dust in the wardrobe as well as questioned when they’d see the light of day again.

Which stores do you regular the most? I have a couple of high-end resellers from Korea that I inspect out regularly. I likewise like browsing on Amore Vintage’s website.

Do you ever buy second-hand bags? Where do you buy used? ANO!! I am a huge fan of secondhand bags. In fact, I like them much better than new bags for a couple of reasons 1. except for some bags (e.g., Hermès Birkin/Kelly or Chanel traditional Flap), bags are depreciating assets as well as 2. increasingly, I have been feeling guilty about buying brand new leather bags from an animal rights as well as environmental perspective. So all of my leather bags are secondhand except for one B35 as well as the Balenciaga City Bag, which I bought many years ago. I likewise discover the style of some vintage bags is method more attractive than new bags (I’m a significant fan of LV bags from the early 2000s).

Do you offer old bags to pay for new purchases? No, I never had the requirement to offer old bags to purchase new ones. except for the Birkins (which still expense a ton of money even though I got great deals), I paid much less than the retail purchase cost for my bags. So when I feel like they are used out, I donate ones that are still okay or throw them away.

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase more bags? indeed as well as no. I have always had a extremely remove goal about what type of designer bags I wanted. In my 20s, there were It-Bags everywhere however I didn’t feel any type of pressure to buy them. I was taught early on by my mum who firmly believes ‘quality over quantity’ that only the classics will stand the test of time. So instead of costs 2-5K on several bags that would go out of fashion only after a few years, I decided to save that money towards buying other bags later.

But when it was lastly my turn to buy bags (i.e. sufficient money in my account to splurge), I admit that I was extremely influenced by high-end Instagrammers. After seeing countless pictures as well as videos of their unboxing videos, I desired nothing however Hermès.

Do you think about your bag purchases investments? Yes, if it’s the right kind.

Who influences your buying decisions? Insta influencers did effect my very first couple of purchases however I kinda went on my method after that. As I got older, I ended up being more conscious of what fits my style. For instance, I’m not a girly girl, so I felt many Chanel as well as Dior bags are as well feminine for my taste, so I haven’t bought their bags (except for one vintage Dior) even though I discover them beautiful.

Are sales partner connections instrumental to your shopping? No. I hated playing games when it came to dating in my younger days so I can’t envision doing that with Sales Associates in the hope of being asked the question, “I have the bag you want. will you buy it?”

I buy what I can when I can. I have bought more products on the internet than from physical stores. In this way, I likewise prevent impulsive purchases to just add to my ‘sales records’.

Why do you enjoy shopping, beyond just obtaining something new? I believe some bags are like buying art since their values appreciate over time. other than that, I enjoy buying to celebrate life’s milestones.

Have you ever felt like you got inferior service at a store or shop because of your appearance, ethnicity or gender? No. however I do feel like I get a great deal more interest when I wear nicer things. most likely since it provides false really hopes that I’d buy a great deal of things from them?


Who pays for your bags? Myself mostly.

Do you set aside a budget plan for your bag purchases? No. however I did have a fun thing going on with my mum as well as sibling one year. We had our ‘Bag fund’ as well as saved a few hundred dollars each every month. That went towards funding my extremely very first Birkin!

The Taboo Topics

Have you ever bought a counterfeit since you couldn’t pay for a designer item? No. I’m extremely against counterfeits. I only buy what I can afford.

Do you ever hide purchases from your considerable other? No. I don’t believe I would succeed in hiding even if I tried, provided the size of apartments in Hong Kong. They can be extremely little as well as have nowhere to hide!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to pay for a bag? I was eyeing a bag from a Korean reseller, however I believed the cost was a bit as well high. So I inspected their website religiously as well as nabbed right after they updated the discounted price. I tend to stay with my budget, so nothing as well crazy in this area.

Do you believe your buying is ever a problem? have you ever felt like you were having a hard time with a buying addiction? When I bought my second B35, it did shock my husband. He barely spends money on anything so costs one more 10k on a bag was just a ridiculous concept to him. He now agrees with me that some bags are worth it, though.

The rest Of It

Any other costly hobbies or passions? fortunately (?), my one as well as only weakness is designer bags.

Anything else you would like to include? understand your wants as well as needs as well as be patient. The right bag will come along eventually. ?

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